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What is Sift?
Sift organizes your team’s contact information into a beautifully simple app that can be accessed across all of your team’s devices.  Check out Sift for the Family of Companies at!

What do I need to do differently?
Nothing different! Just use Sift’s Roster Search the same way you would use the old Rockworld Roster Search. Sift has all the functionality of Rockworld Roster Search, in an updated platform.

How do I log in?

You can log in by navigating to (or, type Sift/ in your browser when on AMAZE Wireless).

  1. At the login screen, click “Company Login”...


  1. ...and type your Windows Username and Password into the QL FoC Gateway.
  1. That’s it!  You’re ready to go!

Can I get there from Rockworld?

Yes!  You can replace the Roster Search widget with the Sift widget using the guide below:


Can I use this on mobile?

Yes!  Sift is mobile-friendly.  Type “” into your URL bar and log in with the same Windows Username and Password.

Can I use this off-network?

Yes!  Sift is helpful for TMs working outside the office or off the AMAZE Wireless network.  You can login to Sift from any Internet-accessible device.  Also, if you use Google Chrome - check out our Google Chrome Extension!

Do I need to update my information myself?

No!  All your contact info is automatically updated - no need to worry about job title changes - but if you like, you can change your personal phone number, your bio, and relevant skills and interests.

Help!  My information is wrong!  

Don’t panic.  If your information is wrong or invalid in Sift, it likely means that it is entered incorrectly in the QL HR database.  Contact The Guy Technology and they should be able to resolve the issue.  Allow several days for the info to update.

Will I still be able to find ___ ?

Yes!  Everything on Rockworld is being migrated over to Sift, and is updated daily.  

I have a great idea for improving Sift!  How can I give feedback?
On the bottom-right of every Sift page, there is a button which opens a feedback panel.  You can enter any feedback here, and our Sift team will respond to your feedback/questions as soon as possible!  (Note that you may need to disable AdBlock to use this feature.)


That’s it - Happy Sifting!



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