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E very CEO wants their team to be happy and productive. So what if there was an easy way to help keep your employees productive and inspired? Encouraging your employees to pursue new or existing hobbies outside of work hours can be just the solution to achieve this.

using employee's unknown photography hobby for company headshots


1. That secret hobby may be a skill you need. 

Let’s say you need updated headshots for the company website. Bob in accounting has a passion for portrait photography and is more than happy to take some time away from his daily duties to take them for you, saving you time and money.

voluteering at an animal shelter


2. Fulfilling hobbies = better employees

Fulfilled employees are happier and feel more relaxed and in control. Employees with hobbies outside their job tend to be better team players according to this study on the effect of creative hobbies on work performance.
Rock climbing is a great fitness related hobby

3. Fitness related hobbies = healthier employees

Getting those exercise endorphins flowing can improve cardiovascular health, improve mood, decrease sick days and lower medical insurance claims.

How to Encourage Employees Hobbies

  1. Choose team outings that could spark an interest in a new hobby.
    Take your team to a wine and painting class, sign up for a 5k run, or even volunteer at a soup kitchen – one outing may spark the interest in a new hobby for one or more of your teammates.

  2. Offer time off to pursue a hobby.
    Give employees a day off once quarter to pursue personal projects or hobbies. They’ll come back recharged and inspired and may even learn something useful to their current position.

  3. Show your support.
    Have an employee who has been training for his first half marathon? Round up a few coworkers and cheer him on! Showing your support will make your them feel valued and provide a great bonding experience for your team.

A Final Thought

Let's say your employees already have a variety of hobbies and do you keep track of them?

With Sift, you can keep track of your team’s interests, skills and contact info from anywhere. Sign your team up for Sift now.

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