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T here are so many fantastic influencers in the HR space that it can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to decide which Twitter to follow, and which blog to frequent. For this reason, we turned to numbers! And thus decided to gather data from Alexa and Twitter to objectively measure who in the HR space is the most influential. 

The Influence Formula

We determined that influence was the product of how many people saw your content, and how much they valued it. So we gave equal weight to engagement and reach.



The Engagement Formula

We first start with the Engagement Formula: the variables measure the average number of pages a visitor clicks on and how much time they spend on the site.



The Web Traffic Formula

The below formula is just for the web-traffic reach. It’s measured by multiplying the percent of people who stay on the site (NBR) with their Alexa Global Ranking (which measures website popularity). The result is multiplied by 1 million so it’s easy for the eyes.

(We’ll use the “Non-Bounce Rate” to calculate the percentage of traffic that stayed on the site)


A= Alexa Global Traffic Ranking

BR= Bounce Rate as a percentage


The Reach Formula

After multiplying by a million, we added Twitter followers. Which we've divided by 10,000 to give it equal weight to web traffic. The result is the aggregate reach.



How We Did It

Here's an example of how we calculated the Influence Score for Alison Green:


(A special thanks to Matt Nicholas for helping me with the arithmetic.)



After sending the formula to our engineers, and performing the calculations over several thousand wooden abacuses, we ended up with the following list:


1.) Alison Green- Ask A Manager 


Alison’s “Ask A Manager” blog is a hit! Her blog style is candid and anecdotal with topics ranging from salary and hiring to internships and office jerks. Alison’s content earned the highest score from our engagement equation, as well as the best Alexa Ranking on this list.

Engagement score: 10.0
Reach score: 19.2

Influence: 29.2



2.) Megan M. Biro– Talent Culture 


Megan has the biggest Twitter audience of anyone on this list. Her Twitter covers a wide range of HR related topics and she gathers great information from a variety of sources.  She is also the CEO of Talent Culture, a multimedia site with blogs and podcast of the "World of Work."

Engagement score: 3.1

Reach score: 14.2

Influence: 17.3



3.) John Sumser- HRExaminer 


John is the Principal Analyst at HRExaminer, a blog delivering weekly content and Podcasts with some of the biggest names in HR (many of whom are on this list).

Engagement score: 7.4

Reach score: 3.7

Influence: 11.1



4.) Liz Ryan- Human Workplace 


Liz operates the Human Workplace, which focuses on published content. Check out their blog "Reinventing Work for People," for a diverse collection of great content .

Engagement score: 5.3

Reach score: 3.7

Influence: 9.0



5.) Paul DeBettignies- Minnesota Headhunter 


Paul writes for his own blog, the Minnesota Headhunter blog. His blog focus on recruitment, IT, and business news.

Engagement score: 6.4

Reach score: 2.0

Influence: 8.4



6.) Laurie Ruettimann- Laurie Ruettimann 


Laurie is a speaker, writer, and HR consultant. Her blog offers a creative fusion between "lifestyle" and "HR."

Engagement score: 2.7

Reach score: 4.6

Influence: 7.3



7.) Fistful Of Talent- Fistful of Talent 


Normally, we wouldn't include a site with multiple writers, but this blog,operated by Kris Dunn, has just about everything you can think of in the HR world, with many of the most influential HR writers (like the ones above!).

Engagement score: 2.1

Reach score: 4.7

Influence: 6.8



8.) Jason Buss- Talent HQ 


Jason is the Global Talent Acquisition & Diversity Leader at New Relic (@newrelic).  His HR blog covers a variety of topics but focuses mainly on talent management.

Engagement score: .5

Reach score: 6.0

Influence: 6.5



9.) Steve Boese- HR Happy Hour 


Steve is the co-chair of both the HR Technology Conference and co-host of the "HR Happy Hour Show," with Trish McFarlane, a podcast with conversations about HR, leadership, social media and more.

Engagement score: 2.1

Reach score: 4.0

Influence: 6.1


10.) Heather R. Huhman- Heather Huhman 


Heather is the founder of the HR PR firm, Come Recommended. Her blog is targeted toward a younger generation with posts revolving around internships.

Engagement score: 2.6

Reach score: 3.2

Influence: 5.8



*Important note: We left out several persons for reasons including: Lack of Alexa data, no website, sole focus as contributor to other blogs, site with multiple editors, those not related to human resources, my general ignorance, etc…

All Data was taken March 10, 2016 and is freely available on Twitter and Alexa.

If you think you or someone else should be on this list, drop me a ping and let me know! 

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