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We live in a world where you can find the most arcane piece of information in a second with your smartphone: but many of the things that matter most to us, the people we spend the vast majority of our time working with, are essentially inaccessible and obscure.


This is ironic, because frankly we don’t need to know who invented the toaster strudel, but we often need to find the gal in marketing to ask her a quick question.The information that really impacts us relates to those who around us can help us achieve whatever goal we spend our waking life working towards: writing a particular piece of code, choosing colors for a new logo, planning the marketing strategy for a new product. What we need to know is who the people we spend a third of our lives with at work really are, and despite the relentless advance of social media and smart light bulbs, this is something we haven’t really mastered.

Every organization has immense amounts of inherent skills distributed throughout the individuals that comprise it. The challenge is being able to call, often literally, on the specific individual who has the unique skill needed to address a particular challenge. By being part of an organization you are intrinsically connected to others who are likely to have the skill you need. But how do you connect with them?

This is the challenge that launched Sift. How can we help the humans leverage the skills organic to their organizations’? How can we ‘shrink’ large organizations and reduce silos so that diverse talents can find each other? How can we reduce the barriers to creative collision?


All this from a corporate directory? Yes, we think so. A modern corporate directory that combines administrative information with the skills, talents, and interests of individuals. We help you find the right people, right now.

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